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New Research: Using B2B Video to Drive Results

  • New Research: Using B2B Video to Drive Results

    by Lisa Heay


    Author: Lisa HeayVideo in the B2B landscape has exploded. It is becoming a staple in today’s modern marketing toolkit. Yet, as more companies invest in video, the gaps between execution and performance are widening.


    So Many Questions. Now for Some Answers . . .

    While sales and marketing professionals may understand the value of video, what are they doing to actually act on it? And, for those who are investing more time, money, and resources in online video than ever before, are they generating the return on investment (ROI) required to sustain it?


    How are today’s most successful companies using video to drive results? To answer these questions, Heinz Marketing teamed up with Vidyard to conduct a research study. And if you’d like to learn more, and download the full research report, see the full article at Heinz Marketing.

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