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New Report: Timing Matters for Email Marketing Success

  • New Report: Timing Matters for Email Marketing Success

    by Dan L. Hoff


    Author: Dan L. HoffEmail marketing is an ever-shifting landscape. What worked last year may not work now. And for that matter, what we used last month may no longer be generating the results we want and need from our campaigns.


    Change is the Only Constant Here

    It is a space that takes a constant flow of insights. And what better way to gain those insights than to simply look at how things are performing? And that is exactly what Campaign Monitor did.


    They reviewed the performance of over 30 billion – yes,  that is billion with a B – emails across 4.2 million campaigns sent last year. And the report [view original report] revealed some interesting new trends. Some of which seem to conflict with what we may have been using as current best practices.


    So, What’s in it for Me?

    The report looked at the full range of standard email marketing metrics, including best day to send, click-though performance and open rates. Then used those stats to actually establish a set of industry benchmarks. From there, they went on to actually explain exactly how we can use those benchmarks to improve our marketing programs.


    They did observe some of the more obvious points. For example, they noted that emails need to have a clear call to action and that they be easy to read. After all, people are busy and may very likely be reading your message in a non-business setting. And we need to avoid big blocks of text that make it difficult to read. Plus, it is still important to keep the focus on the customer, not your product, to keep them engaged.


    To see all of the data and to gain insights into applying the research to your individual email programs, read the Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2019 report at CampaingMonitor.com

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