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New Data: B2B Leaders Say Content Spurs Buying Processes

  • New Data: B2B Leaders Say Content Spurs Buying Processes

    from  Marketing Charts


    Content remains one of the most effective ways of initiating the buyer’s journey. Indeed, almost half of the more than 200 B2B marketing leaders who took part in a survey by PathFactory and Heinz Marketing said that their company’s buying process was initiated by someone on their team coming across a prospective company’s content they found interesting.


    Content is The Spark That Lights the Fire . . .

    In terms of acting as a catalyst to the buyers’ journey ran a close second. Discovering interesting content was second only to someone vocalizing a pain point or challenge that needs to be addressed. It’s often the function of content to address these pain points. However, close to half of the survey’s respondents said that one of the biggest issues they have with the content they receive is that it isn’t relevant to their pain points or challenges.


    It’s true that content marketers experience challenges when it comes to procuring and utilizing their marketing data in order to tell the right stories. So what other challenges do marketing leaders experience with content? To find out read the full article at Marketing Charts.

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