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Memorable Events Help Sophos Engage B2B Customers

  • Memorable Events Help Sophos Engage B2B Customers

    by Beth Negus Viveiros


    Author: Beth Negus ViveirosSophos is a security software provider with over 100 million business customers in 150 countries. And, one of the company’s biggest marketing challenges is making sure prospects and customers understand Sophos’ offerings.


    Now, that may not seem the best of candidates for market for in-person event marketing. However, much of Sophos’ marketing happens through event marketing. In fact, it is a huge part of the company’s strategy. They have aggressive presences at trade shows, road shows and partner events, as well as global partner conferences throughout the year.


    In fact, it is memorable events that are a major way the company gets its message across. To learn how they do this and how you can too, read the full article on Chief Marketer.

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