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Maximizing Social Media for B2B Lead Gen

  • Maximizing Social Media for B2B Lead Gen

    by Jamie Kightley


    Author: Jamie KightleyAs most of you are aware, there is a significant difference between B2C and B2B lead gen markets. The pool of prospects for B2C companies can often be in the millions. However, B2B lead gen marketers often have a significantly smaller pool to draw from when looking for new customers.


    Social media can help find those valuable B2B prospects. But some platforms are better than others. Only 10 percent of B2B marketers say they are able to quantify the impact of social media on the business, but 55 percent of B2B buyers say they search for product/vendor information on social networks.


    To learn the three social media platforms you should focus on to improve B2B lead generation, read the full article at ChiefMarketer.com

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