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Marketing automation doesn’t mean autopilot

  • Marketing automation doesn’t mean autopilot

    by Drew Mclellan


    Author: By Drew McLellanMarketing automation is nothing new. It is, simply stated, a tactic of using software to automate repetitive marketing actions. It is a tool that typically automates systems like emails, e-newsletters, responses to web inquiries, social media, and other website-driven actions.


    And if you’re a B2B company, don’t think this is only a consumer-facing tool. In fact, it’s the B2B marketers that are really leveraging all of the nuances of this tool. But, to be successful in your market, it’s about having the right strategy.


    But, don’t fool yourself into thinking that once you pick the right tool, you’re all set. Marketing automation doesn’t mean auto-pilot. It means being more effective. And to see how, read the full article at McLellan Marketing Group blog.

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