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Mapping Content to All Points in the Customer Journey

  • Mapping Content to All Points in the Customer Journey

    by Andrew Ramm


    Author: Andy RammBy all accounts, brands will more than double-down on their commitments to content marketing in 2018. According to recent reports, they will be  accelerating the cadence of their content activities. They will be leveraging their blog posts, guides, ebooks, infographics, microsites and videos. All as a means of finding, converting and retaining more customers.


    But with this increase in efforts, comes an increase in expectations.

    And having the ability to map your content to all the points in your customer’s journey to purchase becomes even more important with rising expectations. Meeting the goals of increasing awareness, improving conversion rates, and accelerating the sales funnel requires data insights. And those insights need to inform. It is those data insights that can be used to  align specific content to its influence at each stage of the customer journey, necessary to optimize the ROI and effectiveness of that content.


    To see more, read the full article on Chief Marketer.

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