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Making your Facebook Ads Work for Your Business

  • Making your Facebook Ads Work for Your Business



    Author: By Drew McLellanMany “serious” businesses dismiss Facebook advertising. They think they understand the audience, and it feels too frivolous for the work they do or what they sell. Some think that the Facebook ad platform is still an unproven quantity. Now, we’re not going to suggest that Facebook ads are for every organization. No medium is. But if you’ve dismissed it without doing your homework, you may be missing a huge opportunity.


    Even With all it’s Flaws, It’s Huge

    More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect with the people, events, and topics that matter to them. But the beautiful thing about Facebook advertising is the precision of their targeting. If you want to talk to all 1.4 billion users, you can. If you want to talk to the people within a single zip code or even a certain radius of your business, you can do that too.


    So, if you’re thinking or if you convinced that you need to use Facebook ads, there are some ways to make it work even harder for you. To learn some quick points, read the full article at  McLellan Marketing Group.

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