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Making Content Part of Your Marketing Mix

  • Making Content Part of Your Marketing Mix



    Author: By Drew McLellanThere’s always been a part of marketing strategy that emphasized content in some form. It can take the form of helpful tools or information that provides prospects something of value to earn their trust and a thought leadership position. However, what is “new” today is that every company has the capacity to be a publisher and information portal via their own website, blog, social networking pages etc.


    It used to be difficult and expensive to do and today, it’s neither

    In fact, most companies already have the distribution channels (Facebook page, Twitter account, website, e-newsletter, etc.) in place. They just tend to do a lousy job of using the tools at hand. For most businesses, these channels don’t get very much attention and they either languish from lack of relevant content or even worse, they become a brag book for their own accomplishments, awards, clients won, etc. They’re either dormant or so narcissistic that no one pays any attention and really, who can blame them?


    To find out How to Make Content Part of Your Marketing Mix, read the full article at Drew’s Marketing Minute.

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