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Is Video Working? Video Ad Engagement Benchmarks in 2018

  • Is Video Working? Video Ad Engagement Benchmarks in 2018

    from Marketing Charts


    Video Ad Engagement Benchmarks in 2018We have ample evidence of the growing popularity and increasing use of video in marketing. In fact, video has found popularity and application at more than one point in the sales funnel. But, just because we create all of this video content, how do users respond? Is it really effective for them?


    The Dials Keeps On Moving for Video in Marketing

    In order to find out how effective video ads are, Extreme Research looking at a number of metrics to gauge the effectiveness and to spot some emerging trends. Their report [see the original report] looked at video ad completion, click-through and viewability rates to compile a picture of how viewers are responding. One shift they did note was the increasing impact of connected TVs on the marketing video landscape.


    To see the data, access the original report and gain additional insights, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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