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Is Twitter Right for Your Digital Strategy?

  • Is Twitter Right for Your Digital Strategy?

    by Adam Shigem


    Author: Adam Shigem“They don’t ‘get’ their users!” “Shares are down!” “It’s cluttered!” “It’s dying!


    Marketers and users have had plenty of complaints about Twitter recently. However, with over 330 million active users worldwide, the social media platform seems to be doing just fine. Usage has accelerated for three consecutive quarters, and with no explicit direct competitor in sight, Twitter will be around for the foreseeable future. But, it’s still not right for every brand.


    What is Twitter Good For, Any Way?

    Every channel has its strengths and weaknesses. So when considering Twitter for your brand’s digital strategy keep in mind what the channel excels at: direct communication, immediacy and influencers.


    To see if Twitter is Right for Your Digital Strategy, Read the full article at ChiefMarketer.com

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