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Is Gating B2B Content Still Important in 2019?

  • Is Gating B2B Content Still Important in 2019?

    by Pamela Muldoon


    Author: Pamela MuldoonEven today, the debate rages on. But, despite the debates, in many organizations, gated B2B content is still critical to a successful digital marketing strategy.


    For marketing to work in today’s digital environment, we need to bear in mind that today’s audience is far smarter. And they’re on to us as marketers. They know that when there is a form in front of content, their information is going into a database. So, this means we have to be better at what we provide as gated content.


    Remember that gated content is a value exchange between you and the visitor. This value is the opt-in and their email is the currency. And this initial content offer is also a promise. It’s a promise of the level of value they can expect to receive from you as members of your database. . .


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