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Integrating a Podcast into Your Marketing Strategy

  • Integrating a Podcast into Your Marketing Strategy

    by Nicki Kamau

    Nicki KamauBy now, there should be no debate. Video works and can be a very powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. And that’s not just the case for B2C markets. Plus, it is a force to be reckoned with for B2B marketing as well.


    That Brings Up the Idea of Podcasting

    One way to begin to leverage video in your B2B marketing is though the use of podcasting. Hosting or appearing on a podcast can have a number of benefits for B2B marketers. For one, it can help in the nurturing of your buyer personas, It can serve to extend your audience reach beyond your current market boundaries. And, it can offer your content in an audio format, providing additional value to your community.


    But the question is, how can you gain subscribers? Or, how can you nurture contacts into becoming listeners (and vice-versa). And then, how can you collect data on how your podcast is influencing ROI?


    Here are the tactics to consider to get you started and to get your show noticed at ChiefMarketer.com

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