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Instagram Marketing Strategy 101

  • Instagram Marketing Strategy 101

    by Margot da Cunha


    Author: Margot da CunhaInstagram is winning as a favorite social platform. But why is that? The most common response is, “The pictures!” In fact, 2017, digital asset management company Webdam noted that visual social media platforms were growing faster than text-based ones.


    Plus, Instagram makes it incredibly easy for people to share their favorite photos. But, what do the stats say? Well, currently there are over 1 billion Instagram accounts active every single month. And 80 percent of those accounts following at least 1 business. Furthermore, 60 percent of people report discovering new products on Instagram.


    These stats alone should be a hint to business owners that if they are not on Instagram, they absolutely should be. So to learn how you can create a great Instagram Marketing Strategy, read the full article at WordStream.com

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