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Incorporating Video in Content Marketing – Effective?

  • Incorporating Video in Content Marketing – Effective?

    from DrumUp


    While blogging and other forms of written content creation have been the name of the game for years now, a new medium is taking the internet by storm. By 2020, online video is expected to account for over 80% of all consumer internet traffic. And, this means video marketing has quickly become an essential part of any content marketing strategy.


    However, there are a lot of confusing myths surrounding video content marketing. And many are holding companies back from trying it for themselves. This is a big mistake. Not only is it easier than ever to produce quality content via video, but it’s necessary. The only way forward for marketing today is with video.


    So, to learn why you need video in your content marketing strategy, and how to start including it without flying through your marketing budget, read the full article at DrumUp.

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