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In-Person Events Ranked #1 Among B2B Demand Generation Tactics

  • In-Person Events Ranked #1 Among B2B Demand Generation Tactics

    from MarketingCharts.com


    Most Successful Top-of-Funnel B2B Demand Generation TacticsEvents are proving to be effective in both the early and late stages of B2B demand generation. In fact, according to a Demand Gen Report [original report online], in-person events lead the pack among demand gen tactics for B2B marketers.

    Event Marketing Best for Top-of-Funnel Engagement

    More than three-quarters of survey participants named in-person events as their most successful top of the funnel engagement tactic. And marketers are increasingly seeing the value in events. So, now are investing in technology to aid in this tactic. Previous research has shown that most event marketers believe technology was contributing to increased leads at events.


    Interested in learning more? The Read The Full Article at MarketingCharts.com to see more of the data, gain additional insights and to link to the original study.

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