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Is Hybrid Content Strategy the Future of B2B Content?

  • Is Hybrid Content Strategy the Future of B2B Content?

    by Tim Morral


    Author: Timothy MorralA majority of B2B marketers plan to reshuffle their strategies and prioritize the development of short-form content in 2019.  A move largely motivated by buyers’ changing content preferences. But aligning content with buyer preferences isn’t as simple as tweaking the marketing budget. Nor is it simply a matter of creating a few more social posts.


    Today’s B2B marketers find themselves struggling to maximize business value. Now, they are challenged to use social, video, multimedia and gated content assets to engage audiences. And to do so on a meaningful level.


    We know from the experience over the  past few years that short-form content works. But as marketers, we have seen that long-form content has it’s place as well. The solution? Integration. By integrating short-form and long-form content in a hybrid content strategy, B2B marketers can increase the business impact of their content investments and engage buyers in more creative ways. To learn how, read the full article at TargetMarketing.com

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