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How to Win at Content Marketing to Generation Z

  • How to Win at Content Marketing to Generation Z

    by Francisco Serrano


    Francisco SerranoFor what seems like “forever”, marketers have invested heavily in developing strategies and content to capture the attention of Millennials. We have studied and worked tirelessly to define the ideals, desires, and buying habits that this segment possess.


    Now That We Have That Nailed . . . A New Challenge is on The Horizon

    The new challenge? The rise of Generation Z as a force to be reckoned with in the market. Its members are part of the youngest generation on the planet, the oldest among them barely scraping past age 20. But they hold an estimated $143 billion in spending power. And it is the first generation that does not know a world without interconnected devices.


    And these two points have significance for the future of our marketing. Brands have been attempting to reach Gen Z in a multitude of ways. But a connection is almost impossible without incredible content. It is not an easy task, I know, but here are some tips to make engagement more likely, at MarketingProfs.com

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