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How to Use Social Media Research as a Tool for Sales Success

  • How to Use Social Media Research as a Tool for Sales Success

    by Mike Schultz


    Author: Mike SchultzIf you’re in business, you market and sell something. And one of the challenges you face is finding prospects that want to buy. But, that takes a couple of things. First, you have to know who they are and they need to know who you are. Then, you need to know something about them. You need information about the buyer.


    But Where to Start? Without Being Creepy

    Quite frankly, you are absolutely crazy if they don’t take advantage of the vast amounts of information about your buyers that’s available on social media. Whether you’re researching new prospective B2B buyers before reaching out, a buyer before a sales conversation, or a target industry, social media should be one of the first places you look.


    And yet, most of us don’t do that. But those who do have a great advantage. Here are ways to research buyers on social platforms at MarketingProfs


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