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How to Track Your Tradeshow ROI

  • How to Track Your Tradeshow ROI

    by Peter Symonds


    Author: Peter SymondsFrom renting floor space to designing and building your booth, the costs involved in exhibiting at a tradeshow can quickly add up. Even a small tradeshow can cost your business a five-figure sum, particularly if it’s located in another city.


    Because tradeshows require such a significant investment, it’s essential to measure not just how much you spend on a tradeshow but also how much you earn as a result of the event. This is the ROI of your efforts but, measuring the ROI of your tradeshow marketing is slightly more complicated than tracking and measuring online marketing ROI. However, with the right strategy and tools, you can get a clear picture of how much profit your next event produces.


    So, here is How to Track Your Tradeshow ROI


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