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How to Start Using Video in Your Marketing

  • How to Start Using Video in Your Marketing

    by Sophia Bernazzani


    Author: Sophia BernazzaniWhenever a new app or technology is released, marketers are among the first to experiment with it. And then they start creating new content with it. For the most part, that’s because marketers are constantly competing for their audience’s attention. And often it is by the most innovating and engaging means possible.


    And right now, that means creating video content.

    There’s no getting around it, marketers must create video content. They need video now if they want to broaden their reach and connect with audiences across platforms — such as on blogs, YouTube, social media, and search engines. Video content isn’t up-and-coming anymore. Audiences want to see more video content, and other marketers and publishers are creating more videos in response.


    So, are you ready to start creating video content as part of your marketing strategy? If so, then here are some ideas for videos you can film and some tips for integrating them into your marketing at HubSpot.com


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