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How to Revive a Dying Social Media Presence

  • How to Revive a Dying Social Media Presence

    by Neil Patel


    Author: Neil PatelThere are times when it may seem like your social media is dying a slow and painful death. There’s zero interaction. Zero creativity. Zero inspiration. Zero anything. It’s like your social media has no reason for existing. What do you do?


    First off, don’t bury it yet. Seeming death can happen with social media. What started as a frenzy of creativity and excitement can easily fizzle into a drudgery of disappointment. The shiny and new has turned into the sad and boring. Why does it happen? Why does social media go from excitement to ennui? Burnout. Disillusionment. Cluelessness. Misunderstanding. Lack of engagement is a big one. Regardless of the cause, there is a solution. Follow these steps, and your social media efforts will begin to revive.


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