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How to Maximize Social Media Marketing as a B2B Company

  • How to Maximize Social Media Marketing as a B2B Company

    by Sam Carr


    Author: Sam CarrIf you think about the brands crushing it on social media, it’s usually B2C rather than B2B brands that immediately spring to mind. That may be why many B2B companies have not fully embraced the challenge of social media marketing. Instead sticking to more traditional marketing techniques, such as cold-calling or print advertising.


    Social Media is No Place For Business. Or is it?

    Even considering that, around 79% of B2B marketers surveyed by Omobono agreed that social media marketing is a worthwhile investment and offers good results. Still, even if B2B marketers “do” social media, they often just stick to the platform of business, LinkedIn. They’ve fallen into the trap of thinking their industry is “too dull” to be a social media success. Which is a shame, because the opportunity is huge!


    So how do you stand out from the crowd as a B2B social media marketer?

    To lean what you need to ensure your company engages with potential customers and develops a social media following that converts into what you really want — sales, read the full article at MarketingProfs

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