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How to Integrate Purpose Into Your B2B Content Strategy

  • How to Integrate Purpose Into Your B2B Content Strategy

    by Heather O


    How to Integrate Purpose Into Your B2B Content StrategyThe notion that content is king has never been more valid than it is today. And that idea, that started early on as the exclusive domain of B2B companies, has even spread to the B2C mareting domain.


    This doesnt mean that you do the same types of content and structure it for the same reasons as you would for a B2B market. For B2C companies to reach their buyers and provide superior customer experiences every time, they need to deliver content that’s streamlined, simple, personal and purposeful.


    What the Heck is Purposeful Content?

    That means that they need to understand what’s important to their buyers. Why? Because a growing number of those buyers cite shared-purpose as a reason to buy from a company. And, as a result, companies need to be clear on their corporate purpose if they are going have a strong, evolving content strategy.


    But, that purpose needs to be authentic and relatable. It also needs to inspire. Social purpose can be a powerful tool for your business. But how do you find that purpose? And, how can you wield that power? To find out, read the full article at MarketingProfs.com

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