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How to Implement a Hyperlocal Social Media Strategy

  • How to Implement a Hyperlocal Social Media Strategy

    by Sarah Clark


    Author: Sarah ClarkAs a small business, you have an advantage over larger firms or even mega-box-stores. You’re part of the local community. So it’s important that you take advantage of strategies that will get the most bang for your buck by leveraging your key advantage.


    One innovative way is to use hyperlocal social media marketing.


    What the Heck is Hyperlocal Social Media?

    Hyperlocal social media marketing gives you the opportunity to reach highly relevant audiences in a way that fosters trust and affinity. It’s different from other forms of online marketing because it positions your company as a local expert in its industry. And that is appealing to consumers who are tired of batting away irrelevant, insincere marketing messages.


    To learn how to implementing Hyperlocal, read the full article at ChiefMarketer.com

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