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How to Get Started With LinkedIn’s New Website Demographics

  • How to Get Started With LinkedIn’s New Website Demographics

    by Amanda Zantal-Wiener


    Authro: Amanda Zantal-WienerI admit it. I have an odd fascination with LinkedIn’s “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature.


    There’s a natural curiosity about who’s checking it out

    Who are they? And why the interest in my profile? Regardless of my own profile viewers, the fact remains that LinkedIn has always served as an interesting platform. It has become a great way to digitally network, share information, recruit, and advertise on a professional rather than personal basis.


    It’s that last part where one of the newest developments have taken place

    LinkedIn has provided helpful insights and ad tracking for some time now. They already allow advertisers to view details about the composition of who this promoted content has reached. But now, LinkedIn has developed new tools for marketers who want to see that same information about the users visiting their websites.


    I’d like to introduce you to LinkedIn’s Website Demographics. To see what it is, how it works and more importantly, what it means to your business, read the full article at HubSpot.com

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