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How to Find Anyone’s Business Email Address

  • How to Find Anyone’s Business Email Address

    by Tommy O’Shaughnessy


    Author: Thomas O'ShaughnessyFor most of us, we know that email is one of the best ways to reach someone you’re trying to connect with for the first time. After all, it’s less intrusive than a phone call. And it gives the recipient a chance to chew over whatever you’re proposing.


    But what if you didn’t have an email address for them.

    And what if you had no idea where to start looking. Whether you’re trying to cold-call a lead, pitch an investor, email a press release to an editor, or strike up a conversation with a potential employer, there are plenty of reasons to dig up contact information.


    But where and how can you go about finding that critical contact information. Believe it or not, there’s no better tool for finding information than Google. Yep, I said Google. The same Google you probably use to find the latest cute cat video. And it can be used to find a business email address.


    To find out how you can find just about anybody’s email address on Google, read the full article at MarketingProfs.com


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