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How to Do A/B Testing: A Checklist You’ll Want to Bookmark

  • How to Do A/B Testing: A Checklist You’ll Want to Bookmark

    by Lindsay Kolowich


    Author: Lindsay KolowichWhen creating landing pages, write email copy, or designing call-to-action buttons, it can be tempting to use intuition. Sometimes it’s just a “feeling” that is used to predict what will make people click and convert. But basing marketing decisions off of a “feeling” can be pretty detrimental to results.


    The Magic 8-Ball: “My Sources Say Yes”

    Rather than relying on guesses or assumptions to make these decisions, you’re much better off running conversion rate optimization (CRO) tests — sometimes called A/B tests. CRO testing can be very valuable. That’s because different audiences behave, well, differently. Something that works for one company may not necessarily work for another. 


    But these tests can also be complex. And if you’re not careful, you could make incorrect assumptions about what people like and what makes them click — decisions that could easily misinform other parts of your strategy. So, to learn how to do A/B testing before, during, and after data collection so you can make the best decisions from your results, read the full article at HubSpot.com

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