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How to Create UTM Codes to Track Your URLs

  • How to Create UTM Codes to Track Your URLs

    by Ginny Mineo


    Author: Ginny MineoA crucial aspect of being a great marketer is being able to measure your success. No matter which metrics you use, you want to prove to your boss (and the company) that you’re worth your salt.


    You deserve your budget. And maybe you need more of it. And you deserve to dedicate time to the marketing activities that work. But, measuring the impact of your work can be tricky without the right tools. And that’s where UTM codes come in. Building UTM codes that track your campaigns’ success is the best way to prove your success. Or even where campaign adjustments need to be made.


    But, What are UTM codes?

    UTM codes are snippets of text added to the end of a URL to help you track website traffic when users click a link to that URL. Marketers can customize this text to match the webpage this URL is linked on, allowing them to attribute the success of that campaign to specific pieces of content. And to learn how to build your UTM codes, read the full article at HubSpot.com

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