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How to Create the Ultimate Facebook Business Page

  • How to Create the Ultimate Facebook Business Page

    by Allen Finn


    Author: Allen FinnFacebook can be a great place for a small business to build business. Yep. You read that right. Facebook business pages are a place where you can develop the relationship between your brand and the world at large.


    So, How Can That Work for Me?

    Whether you’re responding to customer feedback, nurturing prospects, sharing content, or simply informing users what time your widget shop closes on Tuesday evenings, Pages are one of the most important online properties that you can plant your flag on. They’re a necessary tool for businesses operating in the 21st century. And they are critical for small, local businesses.


    But, they have a boatload of moving parts

    And that is a nice way of saying that creating a business page can be a major challenge. So to help you get started tackling the challenge of making a great Facebook page for your small business read the full article at WordStream.com

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