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How to Create Effective Sales Enablement Content

  • How to Create Effective Sales Enablement Content

    by Kelsey Raymond


    Kelsey RaymondIn far too many businesses there is far too little connection between marketing and sales team members. And that’s a shame. Because everyone in those companies suffers as a consequence of this lacking.


    Marketing and Sales Have Plenty to Offer One Another

    Marketers drive interest in the product or service through the content they produce and publish. Salespeople nurture the would-be clients through the educational content and sales materials they share. But if the content coming from marketing is disjointed, prospective clients can quickly lose trust. And then, unfortunately, marketing content is often shelved after one use.


    That can make it a costly investment. But, what if that content could have a second life, or third, fourth, and more. Well, its ROI would soar. So, to learn How to Create Effective Sales Enablement Content, boost sales and increase the value and return on your content, read the full article at MarketingProfs.com

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