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How to Create Awesome Facebook Carousel Ads That Convert

  • How to Create Awesome Facebook Carousel Ads That Convert

    by Gordon Donnelly


    Gordon DonnellyBack in the day, when Facebook first introduced ads on their platform, most marketers snickered. After all, who in their right mind, would place an ad alongside cat pictures and “. . . here’s me eating yogurt” posts?


    Well, as time has passed and the ad platform on Facebook has matured, it has become a good medium to reach audience. And now, with GIFs, videos, slideshows, and Canvas ads floating ubiquitously around Facebook one thing has become evident. Now users prefer interactive content over stagnant content. These users want multi-pronged brand stories. They want options. They want to go for a ride without getting up.


    Enter Facebook Carousel Ads

    So, if selling products online is your game, don’t hesitate. Facebook Carousel ads are an ideal medium to showcase multiple products to multiple segments of your prospect pool. A compelling visual storytelling, in some form or another, has become nearly a prerequisite for Facebook users making their way through purchase funnels. And in that regard, Facebook Carousel ads have become an effective tool for a diverse array of campaign types.


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