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How to Build Sales Tools That Actually Work

  • How to Build Sales Tools That Actually Work

    by Mark Yeager


    Author: Mark YeagerSalespeople spend a whopping 30 hours per month searching for and creating marketing collateral. This is according to the American Marketing Association. And that’s a lot of time to spend on something they really shouldn’t have to do, isn’t it?


    Isn’t This What Marketing Should Be Doing?

    But, where are all those materials that are constantly being created by the marketing department? Well, for the most part, they are there. However, it goes unused. And it seems that some 60-70% of content produced by B2B marketing departments is unused, Sirius Decisions has found.


    That means that companies are wasting massive amounts of time and resources on materials that are not exactly what sales teams need. Or, sales simply doesn’t know that they’re there. So, what can be done to provide sales the effective tools it needs?


    Here’s a look at the core of the problem and how to fix it on MarketingProfs.com


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