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How The Psychology of Social Media Addiction Works

  • How The Psychology of Social Media Addiction Works

    by Disha Dinesh


    Author: Disha DineshWe have all read stories about someone so addicted to social media that they have no real-life. However, social media addiction is not an accident. It seems that the social networks are consciously orchestrating a user experience designed to increase dependency. In fact, they’re using some of the same psychological triggers and tricks learned from casinos, among other tactics.


    “Luke! Come to the Dark Side . . . or not

    The ethics of enabling or leveraging social media addiction may be questionable. But, the fact remains that it exists and technology is evolving to embrace it. And the psychology can be used for good – our marketing purposes. After all, it does hold lessons that can be used to increase conversions and customer lifespan.


    Given the importance of social media in marketing today, a basic understanding of how it all works is crucial. So, here are seven principles behind social media addiction. And, to learn how you can use them in your social media marketing strategy to build an easy-adoption product and brand experience, read the full article at DrumUp

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