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How People Want to Engage with Brands on Social Media

  • How People Want to Engage with Brands on Social Media

    from MarketingCharts.com


    Social Media Behaviors That Help Brands Connect with ConsumersSocial media often gets a bad rap. Most notably, this comes for its contribution to the spread of false information and the misuse of user data. But despite this, even with all the negativity surrounding it, Sprout Social reports [download page] that the majority of consumers they interviewed still believe that social media has the ability to connect people.


    Social Media is Really All About the Conversation

    And, it’s not just people connecting with each other that makes social media powerful. Social is also seen as a top channel for brands to connect with consumers. Consumers like when brands listen to them. And part of listening means interacting and exhibiting behaviors that facilitate and encourage connections.


    To see all of the data and added insights, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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