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How Neuromarketing Could Revolutionize Marketing

  • How Neuromarketing Could Revolutionize Marketing

    by Clifford Chi


    Author: Clifford ChiWith the rise of digital media, the entire marketing landscape has shifted. One  advantage over ‘traditional marketing’ is the ability to measure a campaign’s performance. But even with all of these metrics, we still can’t measure what is arguably the most crucial indicator of a campaign’s performance. And that is emotional resonance. But what if we could actually measure emotional resonance?


    This is Where Neuromarketing Comes In

    Neuromarketing is a blend of neuroscience and marketing designed to help brands gauge the emotional resonance of their current and future marketing campaigns. And even though we live in an age of data overload, where you can measure almost anything, we still are still not able to accurately gauge the most important element of your marketing campaign — its ability to make your audience feel something.


    Fortunately, the neuromarketing space is rapidly evolving, and its technology is becoming more affordable and practical for marketers. And, hopefully leading to its mainstream use tomorrow. To learn how this can impact your marketing, read the full article at HubSpot.com

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