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How Have B2B Buyers Purchase Processes Changed?

  • How Have B2B Buyers Purchase Processes Changed?

    from Marketing Charts


    How B2B Buyers Purchase Processes ChangedOnce again, there are indications of a shifting trends in the processes used for B2B purchases. Earlier research from Demand Gen Report and ON24 found that the majority of B2B buyers believe that content can be improved by adding more research and data.


    News You Can Actually Use . . .

    This years study, Demand Gen’s 2019 B2B Buyers Survey Report [download page], did uncover a number of new trends. It seems that the vast majority of senior-level B2B executives report that business needs and priorities have changed this year. They report that these have shifted their purchase timelines. Most indicated that these changes resulted in them either accelerating or postponing purchase decisions.


    Additionally, B2B buyers are showing more diligence and caution in their purchases, spending more time researching their purchases. And this is significant information for those on the marketing and sales side. This means there is a need to provide more relevant, authoritative content that aids buyers in making their purchasing decision. And adds to the increasing argument of the value of Thought Leadership positioning. For more of the data and insights, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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