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How Frequently Do People Use Social Platforms?

  • How Frequently Do People Use Social Platforms?

    from Marketing Charts.com


    Social Media Platfrom Usage FrequencyIf you are using social media as one of your core marketing venues, then this is an important finding. Especially given the recent bad press about social media and user-data privacy. But even with the increasing concerns, about 7 in 10 American adults are still on their social media accounts.


    Usage is Down, But Not Out

    A percentage reported being online “almost constantly” (26%) or “several times a day” (43%). This, according to recent data from the Pew Research Center. And, as it turns out, many of those are still spending their online time visiting social media platforms. This, from two companion studies from the Pew Research Center and from Reuters.


    Each study looked at several social platforms to measure the frequency with which they’re being used. To see the data, charts and insights and for an opportunity to access the original report, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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