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How B2B Marketers Are Using Webinars and What’s Working Best

  • How B2B Marketers Are Using Webinars and What’s Working Best

    from MarketingCharts.com


    Marketers have found that webinars, as a form of event marketing, are one of the most successful top of the funnel demand generation tactics. And consequently, more than three-quarters of B2B marketers are using webinars as part of their marketing mix. This, according to new research [download page] from Demand Gen Report and GoToWebinar.


    So, Webinars Are Still A Top Performer at Top-of-Funnel

    The survey of B2B marketing practitioners reveals some significant trends. As example, they found that close to 4 in 10 of B2B marketers say that the quality of leads from webinars are higher than from other channels. And nearly half say that webinars provide better quality leads based on engagement.


    The benefits do not stop with lead generation. Marketers also say that webinars provide them with the ability to obtain customer insights. And even more importantly, a large percentage of respondents also indicated that they’ve experienced a better conversion of leads to opportunities from webinars.


    To see more of the data and insights, and to download the original study, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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