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How Advertisers Use Different Video Platforms Across The Funnel

  • How Advertisers Use Different Video Platforms Across The Funnel

    from Marketing Charts


    How Funnel Objectives Are Distributed Across TV and Video PlatformsVideo, as a marketing tool, is here to stay. And that is mainly because it works and works well. As it becomes more prevalent, it is increasingly important to understand where in the sales funnel it’s most impactful.



    Video Growth is Big. Bigger. Biggest Yet!

    According to a study a study from Advertiser Perceptions, roughly half of advertisers are increasing their video budgets. And while this is big and getting bigger, most are begining to place greater emphasis on where the largest audiences are. The study showed that fewer advertisers are using digital/mobile video for upper funnel opportunities. But, this platform dominates both the middle and lower stages of the funnel capturing consumers during their decision-making and conversion stages.


    This makes sense as these devices are ones on which it’s easy to convert. To see more of the data, to access the original report and view additional insights, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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