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Good Storytelling Starts With Your Value Proposition

  • Good Storytelling Starts With Your Value Proposition

    by Stephanie Carrillo


    Author: Stephanie CarrilloAs a consultant, I often see companies forgetting to tell the story about the value their products hold for the customer. In most cases, that is because companies are so close to their products. As a result, they assume the benefits are apparent to everyone.


    This is Where Good Storytelling Comes In

    And this is a good example of what good storytelling represents. With the markets changing at such a rapid pace, it can all be overwhelming. Understanding the shifting demands of buyers, and the market are hard.


    But, one thing is constant. A good story always works and a good story always starts with the value your products brings to your customers. And that means that all of your content needs to demonstrate as well as explain your products values to the customer. But not as a focal point of your product, rather from a customer-view perspective.


    To understand this all more clearly and learn how this can be applied to your business, read the full article on Heinz Marketing’s Blog.

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