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Going Old School – Email Marketing

  • Going Old School – Email Marketing

    by Drew McLellan


    Author: Drew McLellanEven though it seems a little old school in the days of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and bots – email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tactics available to us. A recent study by SmartFocus looked at over 1.4 billion email marketing messages to identify best practices to drive engagement and customer impact.


    What Did They Find Out?

    What they uncovered is extremely informative and provides a number of clues for email marketing success. One example is that when they looked at the day of the week impact on email campaigns. They discovered that emails sent on Tuesday had click-through rates 30 percent higher than other days.


    When you send the email is just one element of a successful email campaign. If you send the wrong content or take the wrong tone, even sending it at the perfect time won’t help. To learn some other best practices that you should keep in mind as you plan your campaign, read the full article at the McLellan Group Blog.

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