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Global Buying Behavior in 2019 You Need to Know

  • Global Buying Behavior in 2019 You Need to Know

    by Mimi An


    Author: Mim AnThe average person spends 135 minutes on social media every day. It’s where we get our news, our entertainment. And at this point, sadly, it’s a sizable chunk of our human interaction. But where exactly are those 135 minutes spent? On Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? And who is spending their time there?


    To find out, in early 2019, HubSpot Research partnered with SurveyMonkey to conduct new research on social media preferences and buying preferences. They used SurveyMonkey Audience to ask over 2,700 around the globe questions on how they buy.


    Turns Out, Not All Buyers Are The Same

    The resulting report highlights the fascinating differences discovered in buying preferences worldwide. And if you’re a marketer or creator deciding where to focus your content efforts, the first step to success is finding the platforms with the most receptive audiences. So, keep reading to learn some of the buying trends we observed through our research at HubSpot.com

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