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Getting to Know Gen Z: Their Beliefs, Preferences, and Behaviors

  • Getting to Know Gen Z: Their Beliefs, Preferences, and Behaviors

    by Ayaz Nanji


    Author: Ayaz NanjiThere is significant value for marketers to be able to gain insights into their markets. That goes without saying. But, when you can segment your market into behavioral groupings, you can gain even deeper and actual actionable insights into your target customers.


    Yes, There is Such a Thing as Generation Gap

    It seems that when we break our markets into generational groupings by age, we begin to notice variances in behaviors, attitudes and preferences. That is one reason that there is so much attention paid to generational marketing. It is also why we break down the different generations into groupings.


    As You Probably Already Know

    Market researchers have broken them down into four major groups. First are the Baby Boomers, presently aged 52-70. Then there is Gen X, age 36-51 and Millennials, age 20-35. And, Gen Z, age 15-19. Each of these groupings have their own ‘identity’, behaviors and preferences.


    As an example, Americans age 15-19, Gen Z, are more likely than older consumers to believe success comes from hard work. They are apt to care about identity-based issues. And they tend to value ads that showcase real people, and to use visual-first social networks. This is according to recent research from Barkley and FutureCast.


    To see some of the insights into Gen Z, and to access the original report, read the full article at MarketingProfs.com


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