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Getting the Most Out of B2B Tech Videos

  • Getting the Most Out of B2B Tech Videos

    by Fabio Matsui


    Author: Fabio MatsuiMarketers of B2B technologies have always dealt with distinct challenges. From the need to clearly and succinctly explain complex technical products and services to their customers and partners. To planning for sales cycles that can last years. And even to preparing for the fact that, by 2020, 85% of the customer’s decision-making will be completed without human interaction.


    The True Impact of Video is to Reduce Complexity to it’s Simplest Form

    With its capability to communicate the nuances of complex technology and more readily explain product differentiation, video continues to rise. It is proving to be an appropriate and powerful medium for B2B technology marketers. Video in B2B environments has succeeded by giving clarity to very technical subject matter and rendering it significantly more accessible to potential buyers. In fact, a Content Marketing Institute report found that 70% of B2B marketing experts named video as more effective than any other form of content when converting qualified leads. In short, buyers are people, and people simply prefer watching something to listening to a wordy salesperson.


    Given that backdrop, the big question becomes one of “how”. How do marketers of B2B technologies get the most bang for their buck from their videos? To find out, read the full article at ChiefMarketer.com

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