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GDPR Is Here: A Simple Marketing Guide for Compliance

  • GDPR Is Here: A Simple Marketing Guide for Compliance

    by Kay Kienast


    Author: Kay KienastThe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) initiative has caused quite a bit of confusion, and turmoil. And, it has posed more questions than answers for US based companies.


    Just Another Bureaucratic Stumbling Block or a Timely Tool?

    Designed to put customers back in the driver’s seat of their preferences and personal data, the legislation has drawn broad criticism. However, customers and prospects will now own their personal data and have control over the communications they receive.


    And as marketers, we are supposed to represent the voice of the customer. And in a manner, the EU’s GDPR can help us do that by focusing on the “customer first.” So, here’s how to make sure you not only comply with GDPR’s regulatory requirements and provide customers what they need at MarketingProfs.com

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