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Four Tips for Using Video Content in Social Media

  • Four Tips for Using Video Content in Social Media

    by Shachar Orren


    Author: Shachar OrrenSocial media has transformed video. After losing its lead to text in the early days of the World Wide Web, video has made a huge comeback. This has been thanks to the rise of video in social media. And also due to the formation of new video-based social media networks.


    Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes, They are a Coming . . .

    Following the notion of “the medium is the message,” it’s interesting to see how video has changed in recent years so that it could fit the demands of new platforms. It has now reached the point of even changing audience behavior and needs.


    So, when considering using video content for your next social media campaign, you might also want to consider this advice from MarketingProfs.com


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