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Four Key Metrics for Evaluating Event Marketing Performance

  • Four Key Metrics for Evaluating Event Marketing Performance

    by Dax Callner


    Author: Dax CallnerROI is a misleading metric for evaluating event-marketing performance. This is especially true, since most B2B events are way more than just selling opportunities.


    Attribution and Linking Events to Sales is Difficult

    But, determining what an event costs can get really complicated, really fast. Do you include the hard costs of a venue or exhibit space? Event staff time? And how much revenue an event drives is no easier to decipher either. Unless your company is selling products at a B2B event (which does happen in some industries), it’s difficult, if not impossible, to attribute a converted sale to the event. And as is the case, in B2B sales, there are typically several touchpoints that contribute to a sale.


    While events are important, remember that it’s just one touchpoint

    So, how can you target in on the return of value of a show or conference? After all, events can contribute to pipeline. But they should also build brand affinity and strengthen customer loyalty, all important contributors to a business’s success and goals. And with that in mind, let’s look at four metrics that matter to event marketing at MarketingProfs.com


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