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Form UX: How to Design a User-Friendly Form

  • Form UX: How to Design a User-Friendly Form

    by Kristen Baker


    Author: Kristen BakerThink about the websites you visit and ask yourself, what’s that site’s overall functionality like? How long do the pages take to load? Is the site navigation easy to use? Are you able to quickly find the information you’re looking for? These are all aspects of a website’s user experience (UX).


    Why does form UX matter?

    And that user experience applies to every part of your website, including your web forms, in regards to accessibility, ease of use, and convenience. An online form with great UX is easy for your visitors to work though, simple to understand, and feels professional.


    And when your form has all of these factors, you’re likely to see an increase in your number of conversions. That’s why getting your form’s UX right is critical for your business. So, to learn hot to build great UX and ensure positive interactions between your site visitors and forms, read the full article at HubSpot.com

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