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For Success at Email Avoid These Pitfalls

  • For Success at Email Avoid These Pitfalls

    from Marketing Charts


    Most Annoying Aspects of Brands' Email OfferingsEmail continues to be consumers’ preferred form of brand communication. But that doesn’t mean it’s not without its faults! And as marketers we need to understand not only how and when to send emails.


    Today, both B2C and B2B consumers demand they be marketed to on their terms. So, the “how” and “when” becomes even more important to our email campaigns. And if there is something that can easily be done to make our emails more appealing, we need to be aware of that fact. Or, at least, know about and, hopefully, eliminate the things that annoy them.


    In a recent study, Adobe breaks down some of the most frustrating aspects of email communications. Their study was based on a survey of 1,001 white-collar workers in the US who own a smartphone. Read the full article at MarketingCharts.com to see all of the data and to access the original report.

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